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GenTegra® LLC.

GenTegra's mission is to protect our customers sample from harm while they are being transported between collection point and the laboratory or clinical laboratory or in storage for weeks, months or years. Whether samples are intended for advance next generation sequencing or for pre-analytics and in vitro diagnostic our goal is to get the sample to its end use where it can deliver the same results as a freshly collected sample and to do this without the need for cooling at 4°, shipping on dry ice or storage at other than ambient conditions.

Much cost, safety concerns and complex shipping requirements can be eliminated if virtually all samples can be transported in a simple padded envelope and stored in a normal laboratory environment. Our products, GenTegra-DNA, GenTegra-RNA and GenPlates® allow for ambient transport, as defined by FedEx and UPS with complete protection against measureable damage to the nucleic acids being transported. The same high level of protection is provided for years of storage at normal ambient laboratory conditions.

GenTegra is also about to release a completely new line of products that will provide this same level of protection to pre-analytics samples collected for a variety of in vitro diagnostics tests and health screening applications.